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Mike on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this week. 

This week the episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that I filmed last August in NYC is airing on
HBO.   The show is called "Larry vs. Michael J. Fox."    Michael is living in the apartment  above Larry
and is making a ton of racket at night.   Larry suspects that Michael J. Fox is using his Parkinson's to
cover for purposefully harrassing him.   As the 'battle' progresses, Michael suggests that Larry bring
the issue in front of the apartment board for resolve.   I play one of the board members. 

Later at another location, Michael J. Fox is giving a speech and Larry, telling Jeff about a birthday
gift he bought for a child, makes a 'playing the violin' gesture.    Fox thinks Larry is making fun of him
publicly and then mayor Michael Bloomberg throws Larry out of the city.   I'm there "booing" Larry out of

We filmed all afternoon.   The show is completely ad-libbed.   And just like recording a CD - you do a ton
of takes and then the producer 'comps' it into their own vision.  

I laffed so hard the day we filmed.  My character is a serious fellow and it was difficult to keep from laffing
with Larry ranting right in my face.   I am very proud to be on the roster of such a groundbreaking and
brilliant TV show.   I hope you have a chance to watch it this week.

cheers - mp

                    Mike questioning Larry                                                 Larry pleading his case

                      Larry gets kicked out of NYC

13 Year Old Morgan Bernard at Fullblast Recordings ! 

Back when I was young (ages ago) it seemed that the caliber of musicianship was a bit higher than it is
today.   In order to play the current hits on guitar, one had to woodshed quite a lot.   It wasn't easy working
out the bits of a Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin song when I was a kid.  I'm thankful for the discipline of those days.

Every now and then somebody tells you about "an amazing youngster who'll blow your mind."   Then when
you check them out - they usually fall short of the hype that precedes them.  This is NOT the case with
Morgan Bernard !

At 13 years old, you'll be amazed at the maturity level in confidence, singing, playing guitar and writing songs
of this amazing young lady.  I took her into Nashville's FUNHOUSE studios down on music row to record the
rhythm tracks with the creme dela creme of Nashville session players  - Howard B. Duck on keys, Mark Beckett
on drums and Ernie Rowell on bass.   These guys have toured and/or recorded with:

Vince Gill                                       Kenny Chesney                      Merle Haggard
TOTO                                             Aaron Neville                         Earl Scruggs
James Burton                                Charlie Daniels                       Robben Ford
Michael McDonald                         Billy Bob Thornton                  Rodney Crowell
Dolly Parton                                   Steve Cropper                        Brad Paisley
Peter Frampton                              Steve Wariner                        Kim Carnes
Larry Gatlin                                    Delbert McClinton                   Marty Stuart
Mel Tillis                                         George Jones                        Tanya Tucker
Oak Ridge Boys                             Mark Farner                           Ricky Skaggs
John Michael Montgomery             Jodee Messina                      Crystal Gayle
Duane Eddy                                   Percy Sledge                          Albert Lee

and a BA-ZILLION others....

Point being is - that they were VERY impressed with Morgan Bernard and her talent !

We finished the tracks at Fullblast Recordings and they sound GREAT !      Morgan's singing and
rhythm guitar playing is way more advanced then the number of years she's been on this planet.

Now you have the chance to check her out for yourself and I encourage you to do so.  This EP
she recorded is to help her raise funds to complete a full length CD.   Morgan Bernard is a force
to be reckoned with and deserving of your support.   To order her EP paste this address into your

Thanks for your consideration!


                         Howard B. Duck, Mark Beckett, Morgan, Mike & Ernie Rowell

Elvis Recording at Fullblast!!?? 

Catchy title (I know) - of course Elvis isn't recording at Fullblast (he passed away in case you haven't heard)
BUT - Royce Taylor, one of the singers from the Imperials, is!! In case you don't know, the Imperials were Elvis'
backup singers in the studio and for live gigs from 1966 - 1971. They are still together and going strong, with
orignial members (Joe Mascheo & Terry Blackwood) and tour the U.S. and Europe doing a 'Virtual Elvis Show' -
which is Elvis singing via giant screen with his original backing singers (the Imperials) and original band
members playing (including James Burton on guitar!!!)

Royce sings tenor for the Imperials and his sweet, clear and delightfully soulful vocals are a pleasure to listen to!
He's recording 10 songs for his new Cd that's due for release soon.   We're working day and night to finish Mr.
Taylor's Cd so he can hit the road and sell a million copies.   Seriously, this is a singers-singer who works with
a legendary group and deserves all the accolades that he receives.   Make a note to purchase Royce Taylor's Cd
when it's released.  It's being produced for page2 management by Tom Sabella.   If you want to hear one of the
finest singers on the scene today check out Royce Taylor!!

Royce Taylor Singing a Sweet Tenor!                                Tom Sabella - Mike Pachelli - Royce Taylor

Glass Harp Gig, Their Visit To Fullblast Recordings and a Week of Celebrating Phil's 60th 

Last week we celebrated Phil Keaggy's 60th birthday.    Hard to comprehend how time flies
and how many years we've been friends (I met him when I was 10).   There was a birthday
bash at Phil's house on Sunday thrown by his wonderful wife Bernadette.   Lots of people
shared in the festivities and a splendid time was had by all.

On Monday Phil's old band mates from Glass Harp came to town.   In case you don't know,
that grouped consisted of Phil on guitar, John Sferra on drums and my cousin Dan Pecchio
on bass.  We spent Monday night at Phil's reminicsing about days gone by and all of our
shenanigans when we were teenagers.   I could write a book !

On Tuesay night I played with Phil and Glass Harp at a club called 3rd & Lindsley
here in Nashville.   I've had the privilege of sharing the stage with those lads a number of times
and it's usually on a big stage in front of thousands of people.    But the small audience at that
Nashville tavern were no less enthusiastic and we rocked the house with Glass Harp classics
like "Can You See Me", "Childrens's Fantasy" and "Whatever Life Demands."

Wednesday was Phil's actual birthday and my Cecile made a tasty (and healthy) brunch for the
lads at my house and then we hung out at my studio Fullblast Recordings Nashville.   John
has already laid down tracks here for various artists that I'm producing, Phil has recorded here
also and Dan is working on a solo project that I'll be laying some tracks on.  I can't tell you what
a joy it is to work with these guys.   They are literally my family.

Thursday John & Dan went back to Ohio and whenever those guys go back home I get a bit of
'Post Glass Harp Depression'.    Maybe someday we'll all get to live in the same town.   Makes
me want to remind everybody to tell those that are important to you how much you love them
whenever you can.

Hope things are going well for you and please drop me a line to let me know what's up
with you and yours.

Sincerely -


p.s.  I'm VERY close to finishing my news blues Cd "Meeting Point" and I'll let you know when I do...

Glass Harp at Fullblast Recordings

Mike Pachelli & Phil Keaggy jammin' at 3rd & Lindsley

Mike Pachelli with Glass Harp at 3rd & Lindsley

Alice Bartels in studio and new BlueZ 

This week Nashville singer/songwriter Alice Bartels has been in the studio at Fullblast
finishing two new songs for her upcoming Cd.   If ANYBODY (I'm working with here)
is gonna get one of their songs covered by a major artist it's Alice!   Her songs are SOOOOO
catchy and have all the right elements to tug at your heartstrings.   We cut some rhythm tracks
on Music Row at Benchmark Studios (using Nashville's finest studio cats) and then all
vocals (she sounds like a young Carly SImon) and post production was done here at Fullblast.  
For a sample of Alice's last project at Fullblast check out her video at:

And speaking of "checking things out" - I'm in the mastering stages of my blues Cd.  Whew,
I would never want to be a mastering engineer 'cause it takes so much concentration.   Plus
I've got a bit of 'post project depression' (a sort of sadness that comes when you HAVE TO
make final decisions about a Cd) so the mastering is taking extra long.  There's a song on the
main page called "I Don't Worry" (you may be hearing it now) that will appear on the Cd.

Hope you and yours are doing well and DO drop me a line to let me know what's going on
in your world!



Alice Bartels recording at Fullblast

KSP & Celebrities 

Greetings -

Been REAL busy in 'studio-land' and lucky me 'cause the weather here in Nashville has been cold-cOld-COLD
(and gray and snowy).

There's a new tab on my home page.  It's called "Celebs."   Being in the music biz, I've had the fun good fortune
of getting to meet plenty of high-profile folks.    Whenever there was a camera available I'd have a photo
snapped with them.  Not sure why ('cause I sure look goofy in the photos) but they are now posted here for
your amusement.

We've started a new project for KSP (Keaggy, Stonehill & Pachelli) and recorded the first song here at Fullblast
Recordings.   It's called "I Like To Watch My Baby Dance."   The tune is reminiscent of the early Beatles with
kind of a Beach Boys meets Crosby, Stills & Nash vocal approach.   Our intention is to do a Cd of songs in a
variety of Beatles-type styles.   Not sure how long this Cd will take to make; cause everybody is real busy but
we'll get to it as our schedules permit.    Here's a few photos so you can see how much fun we had!

Hope you are doing well, and please drop me a line to let me know what's going on in your world!    Mike

Randy Stonehill - Mike Pachelli - Phil Keaggy   

                                                  K - P - S

Back in the U.S.S.A. 

It's GREAT to be back home in the U.S. of A. (Nashville to be exact) after 3 months in Europe.   Though
it's just as cold here as it was there.  When I left we were still going swimming!!??

There was plenty of time to be alone during my escapades in Europe and I had the chance to be introspective.
Realized that we come into this world alone, and that's how we're going out - SO it's a good idea to try and
be comfortable in our own shoes!   Easier said than done but I'm gonna work on it.

Hope your holidays were Joyous and full of Ho Ho Ho's!


1 in 8.25 Million ! 

I was in New York City again last weekend.   NYC has 8.25 million people living there so you basically
NEVER see the same person twice.   When I lived there back in the 80's it always amazed me that I
never ran in to anybody I knew - and I was living there! 

So last week I'm walking up 6th Ave. and as I'm crossing the street  - there standing in front of me is my
dear friend Andrew W.K.  If you happen to be living under a rock and don't know of his work just
GOOGLE him.  So we had a nice visit and then we went off on our separate ways.   The odds of this
happening in NYC are astronomical!   So in honor of our syncronicity I thought I'd put up the Cd AWK and I
recorded together here on my MERCHANDISE page.   It's called  "électricité."   The Cd is a free jazz
quartet in the style of Miles Davis circa mid 60's, received rave reviews and got re-released internationally. 

I am QUITE pleased at how  " électricité " turned out and think it's one of my best recordings.  It's
available to download here at quite a nice price.   Have a listen to some of the clips here on my MERCHANDISE


Mike & Andrew W.K.

Mike on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" 

I'm in New York City filming a guest spot on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with my friend
Larry David.  Also starring on the episode is Michael J. Fox and NYC mayor
Michael Bloomberg.   It was a "Mike Extravaganza!"   I laughed so hard all day that
my sides still hurt.

The show will air next season and I'll let you know the exact air date...

Mike Pachelli & Larry David

In studio 

I'm currently in the studio recording various projects.  One is for a Nashville based singer songwriter Jesse
Saint James.
  The first tune we cut is called "Kill Myself With You." It's an edgy rocker ala Soko meets Pat
Benatar.  I REALLY like it and think Jesse is gonna get international attention 'cause she is as beautiul as
she is talented.
Five tracks have been recorded for a Christmas Cd that will feature some of the artists from
   It's a traditional recording produced by Tom Sabella. We haven't a title for this Cd yet
(suggestions?) but you can expect it to be excellent because T.S. is a perfectionist.

I'm completing the final mixes and mastering for my blues Cd.  It's been a project I've been working on for 2
years with my band THE BLUES MASTERS (Ronie Ciago-drums, Lance Abair-B3, Baba Elefante-Bass AND
special guests John Sferra & Balint Sapszon).  There are a few of the tunes posted on the main page here.
I ALSO NEED HELP COMING UP WITH A TITLE for this recording. Any ideas????


Jesse Saint James